First Live Google TGIF In MTV


TGIF which stands for (Thanks God It’s Friday), and as you’d expect this happens every week of course, for sure and definitely on Thursday. I guess this only happens in Mountain View office so other offices in Europe would be able to watch it on Friday.

Set < Great Minds > + Set < NooglerHats >
Set < GreatMinds > + Set < GreatNooglerHats >

It was a really crowded event, although I’m not sure if it’s always like this, but I could see tens -maybe hundreds- of interns and nooglers.

The day’s agenda was very detailed and as you’d expect it’s CONFIDENTIAL 😛 so I can’t share it or else I’ll be haunted by each of the seven souls of lawyer cats.

It was nice seeing these great minds in real life, although it’s no different from seeing them on screen, but it felt cool to see the event live.

Nothing more to say I guess about the day. Have a ninja potato selfie of me.


– 16 Jul

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